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The Company 360 (TC360)

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Frequently Asked Questions


01. What is The Company 360?

The Company360 (formerly called The Club 360), branded as TC360, is a company that was created in Beverly Hills CA. Our purpose is to change people’s lives by providing one the best business opportunities available through network marketing. TC360 is led by industry leaders whose expertise is in coaching, training and building communities. We are a community of like-minded individuals who have joined together to build a better future.

02. Where is TC360 Office located?

We currently have a satellite office in Beverly Hills CA. Our corporate offices are located in Artesia & Playa Vista CA, USA.

 03. What is the main objective of TC360?

The Vision of TC360 is to improve the communities we live in through our high quality products and services, and our unique business model.

04. Why should I join TC360?

The company puts its money where its mouth is. The advancement bonuses of a car are paid in full and delivered free and clear. Most companies offer a car bonus or allowance, but you have to continue to produce new sales and qualify each month to make your car payment. TC360 delivers you the pink slip with no loans attached and no future qualifying needed. You own it free and clear. Besides the generous bonus structure, our TC360 compensation plan provides the opportunity for all Members to earn income from direct sales and residual income. Your position is willable, sellable, and gift able.

05. Does TC360 offer a money back guarantee?

The company backs up the product and the member program with a 7 day money back guarantee.

06. Is there any charge back in commissions to me when a refund is given to another member?

There are NO commission charge backs to upline members.

07. How does the automatic member company profit sharing work?

Any member who signs up to become a Member will automatically be included in the company revenue sharing after their 7 day money back guarantee has passed. Revenue sharing will be paid out to members on an annual basis.



01. What is Octane?

Octane is a measure of a fuel’s ability to resist a phenomenon known as knocking, which a driver may detect as a pinging or knocking noise coming from the engine.

Knocking is the explosive burning or uncontrolled combustion of fuel in an engines combustion chamber that can very quickly destroy an engine.

The higher the fuel’s octane number, the more resistant it will be to knock.

Higher-octane fuels allow engine manufacturers to design more powerful and fuel efficient engines.

02. What is TC360 Octane Booster?

TC360™ Octane Booster is an engine fuel treatment with an octane booster and injector cleaner. The treated fuel burns more efficiently, decreasing pollution from your exhaust and increasing your car’s performance. TC360 Octane Booster has been submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency and our formula has been registered and approved by the EPA.

The tablets are produced in a solid pill form that dissolves when dropped in the gas tank. Where most other additives are sold in liquid form, TC360 Octane Booster tablets are easy to store and easy to use.

The fuel additive treats and fuel and boosts the octane giving a cleaner burn and helps break down carbon deposits.

03. How do I use the TC360 Octane Booster Tablet?

Simply add one tablet to your gas tank, preferably an almost empty tank. Each tablet treats up to 10-12 gallons.

04. Do TC360 Octane Booster Tabs really work?

We have had consumers give us positive feedback after using the TC360 Octane Booster, including the following: (1) Reduced knock and pings in automobile engines. (2) Better gas mileage, (3) Cleans injectors.

05. Will TC360 Tablets do damage to my engine?

The fuel tablets are safe and effective. There are no components in TC360 Octane Booster that can gel or crystallize to clog fuel filters or injection pumps. It is a combustion catalyst with a completely clean burn sequence, which helps to reduce hard and soft carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, on the spark plugs and on the piston face. The basic chemistry has existed for decades and there has never been a damage claim based on the use of the tablets. Please follow the proper suggested dosage.

06. Why should I purchase The Club360 Octane Booster tablets over other additives already on the market?

Fuel injector cleaners, fuel additives and octane boosters are sold in every auto parts store and even discount warehouses like Costco. Cost per treatment is one bottle ranging from $3 to $18 each. Almost all are in liquid form which is less convenient to store and may spill while trying to pour it into your tank, getting on your car paint and your hands. TC360 Octane Booster Tabs are solid, come in a convenient package and can be stored in your glove compartment. It is an octane booster, injector cleaner and fuel additive combined.

07. What makes TC360 Octane Booster tablets better than those already on the market?

The quality of TC360 Octane Booster tab is second to none. The chemistry started to evolve two decades ago and has progressed through today.

08. How can TC360 Octane Booster tablets save me money?

While not all cars will experience the same benefits, many consumers are reporting increased mileage, especially on long trips, increased performance and being able to pass emissions inspections after using the tablet, saving money on engine repair and tune-up.

09. How can I obtain a supply of TC360 Octane Booster tablets?

TC360 Octane Booster tabs are marketed through TC360 distributors and online websites. You too can become a distributor and enjoy the benefits of joining the Club.

10. Can I get TC360 Octane Booster without being a member?

Yes, absolutely! TC360 Octane Booster tabs are sold to retail customers directly through our members.

11. Is there a required retail price for the gas tabs? Can I set my own price?

The gas tabs are packaged in a five pack dispenser. Suggested retail price is $20.

12. Will the gas tabs be shipped directly from the company to the member?

Our factory is directly shipping to our members in the United States.

13. Can I eat TC360 Octane Booster tablet?

No, do not ingest the fuel tablets. Feed it to your gas tank only.


01. How do I become a Member of TC360?

Becoming a member is simple. After viewing a presentation or information online, simply ask the person who introduced you to the business. You can join Club 360 (US$360) or Club VIP (US$1300).

02. How do I become a VIP Member?

Join both the Club 360 and Club 1000, or upgrade from Club 360 to VIP.

03. How do I become a Qualified Member?

Sign up as a Club 360 or VIP member. A qualified Distributor is a Club Member who has personally enrolled their 1 and 2. All members start earning commissions, even though they have not personally sponsored any new members. However, commissions cannot be cashed out until you have personally enrolled two Qualified Members.

04. What is TC360’s Compensation Plan?

You can find detailed information on the compensation plan on this website ( and your back office.

Commissions are paid on every completed pair three levels deep. That includes all direct personally sponsored members and spillover members from sponsors in your upline. Once you complete your matrix of 14, your “family”, you advance to the next level. You are then paid for each pair you help advance to your level. When all 14 in your family advance to your level, then you will advance to the next level. You are paid for each pair that advances. In addition, you will receive a residual income on all sales in your group down through 16 levels.

05. How do I build a business in TC360?

It’s as simple as sharing the opportunity with two others, who see the benefits of the program. Then helping them introduce the opportunity to their two friends or family. Attend the online training webinars and live classes. Be excited about your business, and others will want to know what you are doing.

06. What is a Qualified Pair?

The compensation plan pays for each Pair three levels deep. At the Member level each Qualified Member pair is the 1 and 2 under each Member. These positions can be filled by spillover from your upline or your personal enrollments. At each level when a 1 and 2 advance to your level, you get paid.

07. How many Club memberships can I purchase?

1 membership per person.

08. Can a married couple purchase two memberships?

Yes, married partners can have two positions, one in each name.

09. How old do I need to be a TC360 Member?

18 years of age.

10. Do I need to be a qualified member to refer members?

No. Anyone can refer Members, however, only Qualified Members who have joined tc360 and enrolled their personal two Members will be paid commission.


01. I signed up for TC360 and how do I access my Account?

Check your email. A welcome email will be sent to you with the link to register and login.

02. How do I get my referral link?

Login: In My Back Office click on Replicated Website Links.

03. How do I access my TC360 back office?

The back office website is for our members.

04. How do I register my back office access?

Once you are a TC360 member an email will be sent to you with instructions on setting up your back office which will be located on our domain extension.

05. What is the difference between an enroller and a sponsor?

Your enroller is the person who introduced the program to you. Your sponsor is the person you were placed under in the matrix.

06. How do I view my Genealogy Tree?

Log in to your back office at the domain extension. Click on My Back Office and then Genealogy / Downline and My Genealogy.

07. Two of us share the same email account. Can we both use the same email?


08. What is my TC360 Account Password?

Your registration password will be sent to you by email after your order has been processed. You should change your password once you have registered. You can also change your password at any time in your Back Office under My Profile.

09. I forgot my username, what do I do now?

On the Sign in Here page located at domain, click on I have forgotten my User Name or Password link. Enter your email address in Option 2. An email will be sent to you if you are a registered member.

Reset your Password. On the Sign In Here page located at site, click on I have forgotten my User Name or Password link. Use Option 1, 2 or 3. An email will be sent to you if you are a registered member or click on Contact Us and send an email to fix the problem.

10. How can I change my account name?

Click on Contact Us. Send an email with your request and we will see if it’s available.

11. How can I change my username?

Login at your site and click on My Profile. Enter your desired change in the User Name field. You will be prompted if it is available. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

12. How can I change my email address?

Login at your extension site and click on My Profile. Enter your desired change in the E-mail field. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

13. How can I edit my profile information?

Login and click on My Profile. Enter your desired changes. Click Save at the bottom of the page.



TC 360® Octane Booster with injector cleaner is a safe, fast dissolving fuel additive in tablet form that is made from 100% active ingredients. TC 360® Octane Booster eliminates the fluid carrier component of most fuel additives and dramatically reduces transportation costs, storage requirements and packaging waste. In this regard, TC 360® is better for the environment.

TC 360® Octane Booster contain a combustion catalyst that, when added to fuel, produces a cleaner and more complete fuel burn. In addition, TC 360® Octane Booster inhibits the buildup of carbon deposits within the combustion chamber and on exhaust valve surfaces, which rob your engine of power and performance. TC 360® Octane Booster is added directly to the fuel tank at fill-up where it dissolves quickly and completely. TC 360® Octane Booster is designed to:

​     * Increase power and performance

  • Boost octane

  • Help improve fuel economy

  • Reduce smoke and exhaust emissions

  • Eliminate ‘knock’ & ‘ping’

  • Inhibit carbon deposits

  • As with any additive, results will vary.

    TC 360® is registered with the EPA and is safe and effective for all gasoline and diesel engines. It will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors.

How is the TC 360® Octane Booster range different from the typical highly diluted bottled products designed for the same purpose? 
Most bottled products start out with the same active ingredients as TC 360® Octane Booster: powdered or granulated fuel detergents and combustion additives that are then dissolved in a carrier fluid. For fuel products, the carrier might be something like paint thinner or diesel fuel. For coolant and windshield products, the carrier is water. The resultant tablet alternative may weight 3 grams or less and provide all the benefits of a 12 oz. – 1 gal. bottle that contains up to 98% or more carrier fluid.

What is TC 360® Octane Booster and what are the benefits of using it?
TC 360® Octane Booster is a multifunctional fuel additive that combines and compresses well established active ingredients into a fast dissolving tablet. When added to gasoline or diesel, TC 360® Octane Booster completely dissolves and thoroughly mixes with the hydrocarbon fuel to: – Increase Octane and Power
– Reduce smoke and harmful emissions
– Help to improve fuel economy
– Keeps the combustion chamber clean
– Acts as a lead substitute, if needed

How rapidly does a standard one gram TC 360® Octane Booster tablet dissolve?
Depending on the aromatic quality of the local gasoline or diesel, TC 360® Octane Booster with injector cleaner will completely dissolve in 25 to 40 minutes after being added to the tank.

Is TC 360® Octane Booster safe for use in all gasoline and diesel engines?
TC 360® Octane Booster is safe and effective for all gasoline, ‘flex fuels’, ethanol blended gasoline, diesel and bio diesel. The TC 360® Octane Booster chemistry promotes and improves combustion of hydrocarbon fuels. That means that TC 360® Octane Booster produces a more complete burn which results in improved engine efficiency and reduced emissions.

How can the same tablet be used in both gasoline/petrol and diesel?
The combustion process for any type of hydrocarbon fuel is essentially the same, particularly when involving an internal combustion engine. The TC 360® Octane Booster chemistry improves the combustion of this fuel irrespective of the engine type. That means gasoline or diesel engines get more of a complete combustion which results in more power, less smoke and emission and increased fuel economy.

How often should I use TC 360® Octane Booster?
For maximum benefit, use the recommended size of TC 360® with each and every fill up. TC 360® improves the fuel, so when the fuel from that fill up is gone, so are most of the benefits of TC 360® Octane Booster with injector cleaner.

Can TC 360® Octane Booster be used in smaller engines such as those found on motorcycles, jet skis, quads, home generators, lawnmowers, snow blowers or other power tools?
Yes, the TC 360® Octane Booster can be used to include motorbike and motorcycles and all manner of recreation toys and small household products like garden equipment and emergency generators.

What kind of fuel economy improvement might I expect?
Use of TC 360® Octane Booster, improves combustion. Improved combustion results in more power and greater economy. Drivers who continue to drive in the same manner should experience improvement of 4 to 12 percent in fuel economy. We occasionally hear of users who drive more aggressively when experiencing the additional power and performance provided by Dyno-tab®. Users with such aggressive driving habits will in fact experience poorer fuel economy.  Results will vary.

My injectors are severely fouled. Will a TC 360® Octane Booster with injector cleaner tablet unblock that clogging?
Probably not. Use of TC 360® Octane Booster with injector cleaner on a regular basis will clean and keep clean fuel injectors.

My car is ten years old and seems to NEED higher octane. Why?  
As it ages, your engine REQUIRES greater octane in order to perform at the SAME level as it did when NEW. That phenomenon is called Octane Requirement Index (ORI) and happens to all engines as they age. There are many reasons — wear and erosion of fine engine tolerances, deposits within the combustion chamber and in the fuel delivery system are the two most pronounced. When this happens, higher octane gasoline is required to get the same engine performance as you had when the vehicle was new.

The TC 360® Octane Booster with injector cleaner package claims to increase octane by two NUMBERS? A competitive bottle octane boost claims to increase octane 6 points. Which is better?  
Each 10 “points” of octane add up to one “number”. So, if a bottled octane booster claims to add 6 points, addition of that additive to 91 octane gas will result in 91.6 octane. However, if two TC 360® Octane Booster tablets are added to 91 octane gasoline, the resultant 2 “numbers” will bump it to 93 octane!

How important is octane?
Correct octane is one of many elements that lend it to getting all the performance, economy and power from you engine. But increased octane is what the performance buffs and people in the know want. They know that higher octane means faster, smoother acceleration and pick up. And, many cars specify high octane fuel requirements in their owner’s manual. Most modern engines that utilize high compression ratios and fuel injection require reasonably high octane to even get those engines running.

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