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“We are part of an industry that boasts opportunity for financial freedom, yet 97% of independent consultants fail.  We are going to change that,” says Founder and TC360 visionary Robert Aguilar.

TC360 is a multi-level marketing company (MLM) whose products fall within the automotive space, but real interests are people.

It is very important that we give back. I’m not in for the income, I’m in this for the outcome. I want people to know that I can’t do this alone. It’s the combined talents of my team that makes this company successful.ROBERT AGUILAR, FOUNDER/CEO

Aguilar adds, “Yes we are a MLM and we have a great product, but having a company for the people is what is most important.”

 The Product

Oil.  The world’s most consumed product is oil.  TC360’s first product is a fuel additive that when added to fuel helps to produce a cleaner fuel burn.  This aids in the reduction of carbon deposit buildup within the combustion chamber ultimately increasing engine power and performance.

By delving into a sector where oil is the main product positions TC360 to fair better than other MLMs who may have to convince people they need a product rather than enhancing a product people are already using.

How it Works

Traditionally, independent consultants are asked to recruit, recruit, recruit.  TC360 has a one-time two-person recruitment requirement.  Recruits are then asked to login to a webinar held weekly to learn more information about the company and products.

Says Aguilar, “it is very important that we give back.  I’m not in for the income, I’m in this for the outcome.  I want people to know that I can’t do this alone.  It’s the combined talents of my team that makes this company successful.”

Regulation and Compliance

When it comes to building a foundation that will support the long-term sustainability and success of its members and stakeholders, TC360’s executive team puts their mouth where their mouth is!  Despite an already strong consumer demand from its network base and sacrificing immediate revenues, TC360 has intentionally postponed the full sales launch of its product line and recruitment efforts for over one year.  The company has hired the top legal firm in the world specializing in the MLM industry, responsible for launching some of today’s most widely recognized international MLM brands, to design a revolutionary compensation structure pushing the standards of the even most stringent FCC regulatory policies and practices ever seen by the MLM industry.

Executive Team

Robert Aguilar

Robert Aguilar is the Founder and CEO of TC360.  Having been in the MLM space for over 25 years, he has become dedicated to redirecting wealth back to the people.  “We want to be educators, not recruiters.”

His vision for the company is firmly rooted in his belief that repeated action becomes habit, habit becomes character and character becomes destiny.

“If I help just one person realize their potential, then I can keep going because I know I am on the right path.”

Rob and Rebecca Bunce

This husband and wife duo serves as Executive Directors for TC360 and have been with the company since its inception.  Walking away from lucrative positions within another MLM, Rob says, “one of the most important aspects of this venture is to help people understand how they can have success.”

They are thrilled at the opportunity to be in leadership positions where they can ensure they help as many people as possible.  “We have simplified this process so 100% of the people involved can have success,” says Rebecca.

Rob has a background in International Finance and Economics while Rebecca has her own consulting firm, Rob says they make the perfect team.  He notes, “Rebecca is probably one of the most genuine people I know.  The vibrations from her heart make people gravitate to her.  I am the more analytical one.  I definitely couldn’t do this work without her.”

David Feinstein

David serves as the Master Distributor for TC360 and describes himself as a serial entrepreneur.  After having successes as a musician he switched gears to become a restaurateur.  That led into restaurant and interior design.  The crash of 2008 was a game changer.  He was introduced to network marketing in 2010 and says it saved his life.  “I had just lost my business and as a single dad needed to regroup.”

After having success with several other companies he has found that leadership is key and leaders need to understand that “network marketing is a volunteer army.  It’s not a job.”  He is in a perfect position to serve because he has been on the other side of success and is passionate about helping thousands of people change their lives.

About TC360

TC360 is dedicated to help provide the business interested individual a mindset that develops strong networking skills, tenacity, tolerance of ambiguity, vision and continued self-belief  (Jon Natsuba​, Newswire).


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